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What do you understand about the cross-platform?

Cross-platform is a type of software that works on various operating systems. The OS such as Android, iOS and others. These are used in developing an application which can work on more than one platform at a time.

We make it easier for you to understand.- When working cross-platform, the program you have written once, i.e., for Android, can be used on other platforms like iOS & more.

Benefits you will experience

Being a leading cross-platform development company, we focus on the maximum number of benefits you can get from it.

We do our best to develop a quality application using this which can provide future benefits to you

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Cost Effective

A unique and reusable code base directly leads to cost savings. Utilize the advantages of our cross-platform development strategy to save the cost of developing hybrid mobile applications by 60%.

App Improvement

The shared code will be redeemed once your application is available because you only need a single computer screen to support both platforms. With this opportunity, we will be able to close the feedback loop and ensure that features are executed and problems are resolved more quickly.

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Quick Delivery

Coordination with the different teams to develop, test, and maintain apps for each platform is not required. In order to speed up delivery, cross-platform application development will assist you in creating a distinctive code base for every platform.

Technologies we used in developing a cross-platform application

As a leading mobile application development provider, our technology expertise goes above and beyond. We have a solid foundation in cross-platform mobile application development technologies and keep up with recent developments.

  • React Native
  • Xamarin
  • Flutter
  • Iconic

The process we follow for the same

Our thorough methodology and extensive experience in the field enable us to guarantee a transparent and consultative process from beginning to end. The clients of Knit Infotech value this approach because it is transparent, thorough, and customer-focused.

  • App Proposal and Strategy
  • Creating prototypes and wireframes, developing apps, designing apps and doing quality assurance.
  • Future maintenance & Support

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The construction of software applications compatible with many mobile operating systems is called cross-platform mobile development. The challenge of creating a backend that functioned across several platforms initially added to the complexity of developing mobile apps

Separate apps are more expensive to create and typically take longer. A mobile cross-platform development strategy can be helpful in this situation. When you only need to create two to three cross-platform apps, the time to market is far shorter than when you make a native app specifically for each platform.

  • Java is a popular, robust and effective programming language used to develop a cross-platform application.
  • Java Script- It is a world-class programming language used in the same.
  • Kotlin is a new programming language used to build a cross-platform application

  • You can reuse your written code.
  • Cost-effective
  • Faster app development
  • Wider users reach
  • More brand awareness.

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