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Making a lasting impression with clear communication and fascinating content With our experience, we can pinpoint users for particular promotions and campaigns. Use this affordable method to engage with your users by advertising
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Email marketing is a tool used as direct marketing to connect with users. Additionally, it can be used to persuade your email list to carry out a certain activity, such as making a purchase, signing up for a trial, scheduling a demo & more.

It is a successful digital marketing tactic which we used. Effective email marketing converts prospects into customers, and one-time purchases are transformed into loyal, repeat customers

Email marketing regularly outperforms all other marketing channels as the most direct and efficient way to engage with prospects and convert them into customers.

Why select this digital marketing tactic?

There are many reasons to select email marketing as one of the digital marketing tools. Those are-

  • The most popular form of communication is email.
  • Your account on any social networking site, together with all of your followers and postings, may be suspended or terminated at any moment, for any reason, and without warning. Your email list is your own, though.
  • The email generates more sales. Spending on products purchased by customers who receive email offers is 138% more than that of non-customers. The ROI for email marketing is 4400 per cent

Tools We Used

Campaign strategy, creation, and Ongoing anagement

We used a well-known email marketing tool Mailchimp. It is excellent for those just getting started because it is simple to set up and has a user-friendly interface. It also allows you to add new subscribers to particular segments.

keyword research
Email Octopus

Emailoctopus is another email marketing tool; users can quickly and easily develop campaigns that are responsive to any device. Users may import contacts, create custom reports, integrate with forms, and create drip email sequences.

Bid optimization and management

This email marketing tool lets you stay in touch with the customers' business growth. It enables you to create perfect emails, and we provide you with the best results.

What will we do?

  • Our professionals will work with you & understand the objective of your business
  • Understand the nature of your target audience.
  • Create your email with a fresh concept and well-written material.
  • Utilize high-tech technologies to send the emailer.
  • Track and monitor the email marketing campaign, and provide clients with detailed statistics that include information on open rates and other metrics

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There isn't a set frequency for sending marketing emails, so we advise asking your subscribers how frequently they would want to hear from you. You can also run some A/B testing to determine which frequency performs the best.
You should generally communicate with newer subscribers more frequently because they are only getting to know you. Beyond that, though, send emails according to your specified timetable.

  • Click through :-The click-through rate represents the percentage of subscribers that clicked a link in your email
  • Deliverability :- The percentage of emails that successfully reach the inbox of your intended recipient is known as your email deliverability rate
  • Close Rate :-The open rate shows the number of people who opened your email.

Emails should have compelling subject lines that persuade the recipient to open them. It draws the attention of your subscribers right away. It serves as your entry point for more communication.
Create it with the audience in mind, keep it succinct, and ensure the message is essential. You only have 3 to 4 seconds to make an impression and persuade someone to read an email.

Use a limited number of colors, font styles and sizes. Allow the line spacing to be adequate. Using vivid colors in your emails is a terrific idea depending on the circumstance. Ensure your email template is responsive to display correctly on all devices.

No, there is no need to buy an email list. If you purchase the list, you are forced to labor away from the company'prospects, which is wrong. Finding the ideal prospects and customers should be the aim of your marketing effort.

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